Malta is one of the destinations where travelers flock every year to treat their senses and pamper themselves while discovering its beauty and secrets. We have those who arrive here to dive in the Mediterranean while others come to explore the prehistoric temples and other sites in the country. It’s one of the best sun and sea destinations in the world. As a matter of fact, this country receives about 300 sunny days every year making it a perfect place for swimmers, divers, and snorkelers. If you’re planning to go to Malta for your next holiday vacation, here are some of the most amazing things you can see and do there to ensure you have a memorable experience.


Explore Mdina

The best time to explore Malta is usually during spring and autumn. The temperatures during this time are normally comfortable. The weather is often beautiful as well. One of the most popular cities in this country is Mdina. The city is also referred to as the Silent City. There’s so much to explore here, from the beautiful buildings to the streets around. You’ll need the help of a tour guide so as to learn more about the historical background of the city, its buildings, and streets.


The Popeye Village

Whether you’re visiting Malta with your family or you’re just alone, always remember to put Popeye Village on your itinerary list. This village comprises of wooden buildings located at the northwest corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta and is one of the country’s most popular tourist attraction. It serves as an open-air museum where visitors can play mini golf, have fun watching animation shows, and also spend some time enjoying boat rides in the Anchor Bay. During the day this village looks colorful and exciting. It gets better at night as the village turns heavenly with its decorations and lights.


Prehistoric Temples

If there’s anything you can’t miss in Malta is the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts tourist from all over the world. It’s also important to note that it’s the only prehistoric underground temple on earth today. There’s so much to explore in this temple, with its statues and paintings to the beautiful rock carvings and tombs. The most interesting thing about this temple is that it’s only the male voice that echoes inside it. If you’re a female, your voice won’t echo in this beautiful structure. That explains why many curious travelers come here every year.


Gozo Island

Although the famous Azure Window collapsed in March 2017, there’s still more to explore on Gozo Island. The island is home to one of the oldest temples in the world, the Ggantija Temples. The island also features some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, an amazing coastline, stunning vineyards and other attractions. There’s so much that you can explore and learn including outstanding beauty, culture, history, and diving.


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The summer season in Australia is usually characterized by hot and humid days, Christmas BBQ’s and crowds when traveling. The local people and visitors are always waiting for this season as it is their favorite time of the year. Every traveler knows that there’s no better time for a family vacation than during summer. It’s time you traveled to Australia and experienced a historic scene while mingling with some of the friendliest and welcoming people across the world. Australia is full of opportunities for having fun and getting entertained. Here are some of the things you can do in Australia in summer.


Melbourne Cricket Ground

If you’re from the Western World, chances are you’re not used to watching Cricket since it’s not a popular sport there. However, in countries such as New Zealand and Australia, Cricket is one of the most popular sports. Why not have a different taste of sport? That’s why you’re traveling here, to experience something different from what’s at your place. You can, therefore, experience the game by taking a trip to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


The Stadium doesn’t just host Cricket games only. Other sports teams also use the ground which means you can still get to watch your favorite sport. The stadium is frequently used for soccer games, tennis, cycling, and rugby.


Sydney Opera House

When was the last time you took your friends or family to watch a play or any musical performance? You can give your family a jaw-dropping experience by taking them to one of the most recognized structured in the world, the Sydney Opera House. Here, you won’t just get the opportunity of venturing into the beautiful structure but you’ll also participate in an exhilarating live performance.


Australia Zoo

If you’re planning to travel with your kids, you can’t miss taking them to the Australia Zoo. Remember your kids want to have an exciting trip full of fun and enjoyment. One way to achieve that is taking them to places where they can have the best of fun. The Australia Zoo is home to more than a thousand different animals. Since kids love playing and running up and down, the playground on this facility will take care of the excessive energy. There’s also a food court and many other things to explore.


Fishing and more

Men love recreational fishing, especially when in an unfamiliar destination. Well, this doesn’t exclude women from fishing. A good number of women also love tossing a baited hook into the sea or river and watch as the fish get hooked up. Australia is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to recreational fishing. You’ll find some of the best and most beautiful waterways and lakes for fishing here. Remember it’s not just about fishing. There’s more you can do including sightseeing, partying and having fun in the sun.


Adventure World

Are you an adventure junkie? If the answer is yes, you better book a trip to the Adventure World in Australia. You’ll experience some of the most amazing rides and attractions in the world.


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